Appreciation Letter & Testimonial from the Mitchells

My husband and I have experienced many contractors from years of remodeling and updating different houses and properties. We did not always have good experiences, and sometimes we did not finish the whole project due to the poor workmanship and days of no shows.

We decided to spend our vacation money on a landscaping project this year instead of travelling to the east coast. I must say we have been very pleased with the quality of workmanship and the hours put in on a daily basis, rain or shine, from Northwest Construction & Landscape. This new up-and-coming company has our appreciation and confidence they will succeed and prosper as they grow in the coming years.

Our project has given us many hours of enjoyment and now we can walk down to the lower level of our property with no problem. The flagstone steps they created are safe, beautiful, and give us the quality we have been searching for to complete a unique look for our garden and home.

My husband and I decided to obtain their weekly maintenance program due to the straightforward and honest approach in our first meeting, and discussion of our wants and needs for this long desired project. We are looking forward to not having to spend numerous hours on the weekend in our yard now. Instead, I’ll have a glass of ice tea in hand to read my book and admire our beautifully sculpted yard.

Artistry, creativity and talented hands completed our beautiful landscaping project. The working crew were pleasant and probably the hardest workers I have witnessed in many a year. Workers do not generally clean-up their mess, but this crew did every night, much to my surprise.

I would highly recommend Northwest Construction & Landscape for any project, large or small. They will get the job done in a timely and professional manner. Honesty and trust are my priorities in dealing with contractors. We did not go wrong in choosing this company to accomplish our backyard dream.


Cameron & Roberta Mitchell in Poulsbo, WA