Lawn & Landscape Spring Clean-Up

Of all the seasons, spring brings the greatest sense of anticipation. Rightfully so, considering the many snowstorms and windstorms we’ve had to endure throughout this winter. If you don’t have regularly scheduled maintenance for your property, chances are your landscape has seen better days!

Now is a perfect time for a clean-up. We’ll remove all branches and debris, rake and freshen up your mulch, blow down hard surfaces like driveways, porches and patios, clear all weeds, prune and trim your trees and shrubs, and more.

We recently rejuvenated the property you see below near Island Lake.  One of the many benefits of service throughout the winter months is having a jump start on spring with a neat and tidy landscape!

landscape maintenance Silverdale

before landscape rejuvenation

landscape maintenance silverdale

after landscape rejuvenation

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