Put Spring Rainfall to Use with a Rain Garden!

Kitsap County continues to grow in numbers and development.  More roads, parking lots, and sidewalks equate to less native forestry.  Plants and trees not only provide clean air for us to breathe, but their root systems naturally filter rainfall for future use as drinking water.  80% of residents rely on groundwater for consumption.

Solid surfaces don’t allow for water to pass through and re-enter the groundwater supply.  This increases the potential for flooding, and also results in contaminated stormwater runoff entering into our streams.  Stormwater starts out as rain that picks up pollutants as it trickles down roofs, driveways, roads and so forth.

One way that we can capture rain water to be recharged as drinkable groundwater, filter pollutants, and reduce flooding, is by constructing more rain gardens.

A rain garden is a depression in your landscape that is filled with a soil mixture designed to absorb water, and then planted to look like a garden.

landscapes rain gardens bremerton

Rain gardens consist of three zones: wet, dry and damp.  It’s important to know these areas so that the appropriate plants are selected and planted in their most favorable environments.  However, the most critical things to consider are how water is directed into your rain garden, and how overflow can be directed away safely.

Kitsap County has a team of Master Rain Garden Mentors who are available to visit your site and offer assistance.  Contact Peg Tiller at 360-337-7224 or ptillery@co.kitsap.wa.us or Jeff Adams at jaws@u.washington.edu.

Of course, we would be happy to help you design and create your rain garden!

photo courtesy of Seattle Rain Garden

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