Create Your Own Outdoor Retreat

Retreat into the privacy of your own yard even with neighbors close by.  Trees and shrubs can be used to create green walls that enclose your space. Evergreens such as arborvitaes, spruces, pines, and boxwoods make great green walls for year-round enjoyment.

Landscape features such as a dramatic dry creek bed or a calming water garden can direct your eye to pleasing sights. Establishing focal points in your landscape diverts attention from unwanted views like the chipped paint of a neighbor’s home, and offers a place to take refuge from the stress of work and responsibilities.

water features kitsap county

Perhaps it’s the sound of nearby traffic that you’d like to block out. Water features provide natural music that can be tailored to your preference. A soft trickling sound can be achieved with a stream, while the high vertical drop of a waterfall can drown out the loudest of vehicles.

Seemingly minor annoyances that surround your home can be rid of for good. All it takes is thoughtful planning and creative execution. We’d love to help!

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