Evergreen Plant Design for Year-Round Beauty

Our Silverdale customer no longer wanted to worry about maintaining her lawn.  It was a challenge for her grass to thrive because the area did not receive a lot of sunlight and was prone to moss.

lawn removal kitsap county

We removed her existing lawn and installed rock features such as a dry creek bed to break up the space and add structure.

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She requested evergreens in shades of blue and green.  We planted blue star juniper, which likes full sun but is tolerant of shade and has a rich blue foliage year-round, along with hebe ‘karo golden esk, and ‘hetz midget’ arborvitae to name a few.

evergreen landscapes silverdale

We selected grasses such as blue fescue and sedge for texture, alongside Japanese anemone for fun and colorful plant pairings.  Liriope was selected because of its attractive violet-blue flowers.

landscapers silverdale

We would love to meet with you to address your landscape’s specific needs.  There is no such thing as a ‘no maintenance’ landscape, but we can certainly design one that’s ‘low maintenance.’

Call us at 360-697-3215 for a free estimate and consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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