Commercial Landscape Maintenance, Kitsap County WA

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This photo isn’t terribly exciting, though it’s intended to illustrate one point.   Everyone reading this post has probably pulled into a parking lot just like this one at least a handful of times this past week.  Someone is responsible for keeping these lots clean and tidy so that you don’t have to look at garbage or fallen leaves.  And we’re happy to do just that.

We have a good amount of residential maintenance clients, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.  This year, in addition to gaining more residential clients, our goal is to add 8 commercial sites to our roster.

Last week we gained the B of A on 6th St in Bremerton.  If you live in or around Bremerton, you know the one.

lawn and landscape maintenance

Jeff Matheson, our Maintenance Lead, goes above and beyond with our commercial sites, making a personal connection with the manager and asking him or her at the end of the day if there is anything we missed that they’d like done.

If you know an office or building manager who would appreciate our high level of service, give us a call.  We would love the opportunity to meet with them and submit a proposal to them that outlines the value we offer.

Thanks for reading our blog. Northwest Construction & Landscape, LLC is a Kitsap County landscaping company that offers landscaping, decorative concrete and lawn maintenance services to homes and businesses across Kitsap and Pierce counties.