Flagstone Patio Entryway w/ Natural Boulders

Originally, our clients considered decorative concrete for the entrance to their home.  Colby personally drove them to a few sites where we had constructed concrete patios, but they weren’t convinced that it was the right material for them.  They live on a beautiful property on Bainbridge Island, surrounded by wooded areas.  In the end they elected to go with flagstone, and it was the right choice.

flagstone patio kitsap county

Before shot

landscapers bainbridge island

Sand and gravel had already been compacted underneath the flagstone pieces being carefully selected and arranged here. The random patterning creates an informal yet aesthetically pleasing look.

landscaping kitsap county

The flagstone pieces are set and ready for material to fill the spaces in between.

bainbridge island landscapers

We use a product called Sandlock that’s essentially a sand mortar. It’s broomed in and misted with water. After it cures it remains flexible to better accommodate changes in temperature, which helps to mitigate cracking.

landscapes bainbridge island

Rock steps lead up to the entryway patio area. Large boulders were used to hold soil in place and to create organized spaces for planting. The result is a natural look that complements their organic environment.

Do you think our clients made the right choice in regard to material?  We welcome your thoughts below!

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