Summer, Don’t Go!

We’re loving every moment of this prolonged sunny weather, and not yet ready for summer’s departure.  Some of you may be, however, and so we’ve compiled a short list of tasks to keep your lawn happy throughout the fall season:

Mowing – If you’ve kept your mowing blade at three or more inches throughout the summer, it’s now a safe bet to lower your blade to about 2 ½ inches.  Newly installed lawns should continue to be mowed at a taller setting.

Overseeding – Have you noticed thin areas of your lawn?  Now’s the perfect time to apply a layer of grass seed.  Prepare the soil by first scratching it with a rake or a dethatching machine.  A light layer of compost on top of the seed will boost germination.

Fertilizing – Water is key after this round of fertilizer as fall rains haven’t yet begun.  A slow-release form of fertilizer is recommended in November to provide nutrients throughout the winter months.

landscape maintenance kitsap county

One of our maintenance sites after recent fertilization and fresh mow.

If the tasks listed above seem daunting, give us a call today!  Healthy lawns are our specialty.

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