2013 NWFGS Show Gardens


2013’s Northwest Flower & Garden Show was truly spectacular.  We allowed ourselves two full days to take in the awesome show gardens, informative seminars, and meet vendors in the marketplace.  It was such an inspiring experience that we’re already excited for next year! For those of you who couldn’t make it to the event, here […]

Irrigation System Installation

irrigation installation poulsbo

If you’re planning to install an irrigation system, this video shows you where to begin.  Colby explains why you should start with the water meter, what precautions to take, and why the double check valve is so important. Our irrigation services include new installations, repairs, audits and blow-outs. Subscribe to our newsletter for irrigation service […]

Flowers at Bainbridge Gardens

flower garden

We love seeing our Facebook stream flooded with photos of flowers and plants.  For us, flower pics never get old!  Recently, Bainbridge Gardens has been a repeat offender, continuously posting pictures of new merchandise.  Here’s a little taste of what they currently have available… Want to see more of what they have to offer?  Check […]

Curtain Drain Installation

drainage system

One of our maintenance clients was having trouble with water leaking into his basement. We installed a curtain drain to intercept the water and move it away from his home. Curtain drains are constructed by digging a trench – in this particular case, around our client’s home – lining it with fabric and installing perforated […]