Bloedel Reserve’s Annual Plant Sale

Colby and I walked the grounds at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island for the first time last summer, and we loved it the moment we set forth on the trail.  The Bloedel Reserve is 150 acres of forested and landscaped goodness, and simply being there melts stress away.  So when we heard about their annual plant sale, we knew we couldn’t miss it.  As landscapers, of course we wanted to check out what unusual flora the 12 featured Northwest growers had to offer!

We were greeted by this striking owl with marble-like eyes at the West Sound Wildlife Shelter table.  You know you’re in for a wonderful experience when the adventure begins with seeing an owl.

owl at the Bloedel Reserve

This was the first plant to catch my eye: Impatiens omeiana.  I found it on the table belonging to Dragonfly Farms Nursery located in Kingston.  Beautiful, no doubt.  But at $24.00 I had to keep on moving.  Had I known about its exotic flower at the time, I may have said yes.

shade garden plant

One feels almost silly to purchase ferns in this part of the world, where they grow naturally in abundance.  But just look at these!  These Deer Ferns came home with us.

deer fern

Here’s what we left with, $200 later, all of which went to a great cause: fundraising for the Bloedel Reserve’s plant budget.  The plant I’m most excited about adding to our woodland beds is Gunnera tinctoria aka Dinosaur food!

landscapers bainbridge island

Attendees of the sale have full access to the grounds.  We were too cold and damp to take advantage, but we stopped to check out the mondo grass border near the Japanese garden.

mondo grass

All in all, an A+ experience which just may turn into a tradition for us.  Supporting a great cause by way of plant retail therapy?  It’s a no brainer.

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