Deep Watering to Beat Summer Heat

More than half of the days in July reported temperatures in the 80s. One way to beat summer heat is to – surprise, surprise – water!

lawn irrigation

Many homeowners make the common mistake of watering too frequently for a short amount of time. Shallow watering may be enough to keep your lawn alive, but results in shallow roots. Deep watering results in deep roots and a healthy lawn that is less prone to disease, insect infestations, or heat stress.

At least 1″ of water per week is needed to keep a lawn growing, though during periods of drought, 2″ of water is even better. The correct approach is contingent upon your irrigation system and water pressure, as the amount of time necessary to keep the water going will vary accordingly.

A general guideline is to water in the early morning 2 or 3 times a week for 20 – 40 minutes. Though if you want to nail it down more precisely, click here for instructions on how to do a tuna can test.

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