Hints of Winter

The trees are barely hanging on to their leaves thanks to our recent wild and windy weather!  Perennials have yellowed, ready to be cut back, while evergreens show off their steadfast and enduring beauty.

fall clean-up

All signs are pointing towards winter, yet there’s still work to be done to give your landscape the best possible start come spring.

Here’s a quick and handy, though incomplete, to-do list:

  1. Finish planting tulips and other hardy spring bulbs.
  2. Remove fallen leaves from lawn areas.  Thick layers of matted leaves will block sunlight and potentially smother your lawn, especially when they’re wet.
  3. Consider leaving a light sprinkling of leaves or even mowing over the leaves on your lawn, to create a light layer of mulch that will easily decompose, adding nutrients and improving your soil.  Another option is to apply a winterizer fertilizer, the most important fertilizer application of the year.
  4. Blow-out your irrigation system of remaining water to prevent pipes and components from cracking.
  5. Clean drainage ditches and repair if necessary.
  6. Drain, clean, and store garden hoses.

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