PLANET Membership

landscaping company kitsap county

We’re excited to announce that we’re now members of PLANET Professional Landcare Network, a national organization that provides its members with education, relevant industry news and information, professional development and mentoring, and much more! PLANET is the landscape industry trade association that strives for the highest level of professionalism through education, best practices, and certification. […]

Card from Windermere Silverdale

windermere silverdale

Messages like this one from the Owner of Windermere Silverdale make us feel warm and fuzzy inside! We are incredibly appreciative of our clients, and promise to continue to deliver awesome service for a fair price. If you are the Owner or Office Manager of a commercial property and are looking for a reliable landscape maintenance service […]

What Happens When It Rains

concrete Poulsbo

Concrete can be poured year-round as long as temperatures haven’t dipped below freezing. During the fall and winter months, we consult the weather report incessantly on the days leading up to a scheduled pour. Even if a rain-free day is predicted, we can never be too sure! Exposed aggregate concrete is a safer bet than […]

Fall Leaves Making a Mess of Your Yard?

leaf clean-up

As beautiful as it is to watch the leaves change color and fall, the combination of rain, mud and leaves can create a mess that’s time-consuming to clear.  Fallen leaves can create damp, un-aerated patches underneath the debris which can be damaging to lawn and bed areas. Services we provide include: raking, leaf blowing, removing […]

Winterize Your Irrigation

sprinkler systems kitsap county

It’s only October, but the blistering chill in the air makes it feel like December!  Before frost hits, we recommend blowing out your irrigation system to prevent damage to your PVC piping.  Because water expands when it freezes, pipes must somehow accommodate this expansion.  Typically what results are cracks, leaking, and the need for repair. […]

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway

kitsap county concrete

We recently constructed an exposed aggregate driveway for a client who lives in the Dockside community on Kitsap Lake.  We tackled the exposed aggregate portion of this project in two separate pours.  This allowed us the time to finish the decorative aggregate surface and match up the cut lines in a controlled fashion. We offer […]

Shade Garden Plant Companions

landscaping company kitsap county

Every gardener loves it when two plants are planted next to one another without a lot of fuss, then lo and behold, what results is a pairing made in plant heaven.  That’s how we felt when we visited a landscape that we installed a year ago, and saw how well Saxifraga ‘London Pride’ (aureopunctata) complemented […]

What is Exposed Aggregate?

exposed aggregate

Unless you’ve been researching concrete finishes or have experience in construction, you may not know what exposed aggregate is.  Chances are, however, that you’ve seen it. Exposed aggregate is the finish of choice for sidewalks, pathways, and driveways for many commercial spaces.   Because of its decorative appeal, it’s also commonly used for patios and […]

Fall Plant Sale

rhododendron eximium

Savage Plants in Kingston is having their annual fall sale now through October 22nd.  Plant lovers, this is not to be missed.  Their selection and display are first class, and everything except consignment items are 35% off!  We were there last Saturday and picked up these gems. Happy fall planting! — Thanks for reading our […]

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