UW Pro Master Pruning Series


The ability to correctly prune shrubs and decorative trees at the right time of year is a landscape maintenance practice that distinguishes the skilled from the unskilled, the professional with a pair of hand pruners from the hack with a set of shears. The desire for “natural” pruning is expressed by many of our landscape […]

LID Certification


Congratulations to Colby for completing Low Impact Development (LID) training and receiving this certificate from WSU! The WSU Extension Low Impact Development (LID) Certificate program is the first LID certificate program of its kind in Washington State. The certificate indicates that Colby has received the latest design concepts for LID practices; has a level of […]

World of Concrete 2015

world of concrete

World of Concrete is the concrete industry’s largest event which happens annually in Las Vegas. It brings together manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, innovators and experts to deliver a show unlike any other across the globe. Anyone who keeps up with us knows how much we love concrete. Naturally, this show had been on our radar for […]

Low Impact Development

low impact development

Here in Kitsap County, we’ll hear a lot about Low Impact Development over the coming years due to new regulations that will affect construction, including residential construction projects. If you’re planning to build a new home, you’ll want to know what these regulations are. So what exactly is Low Impact Development (LID)? Kitsap County defines LID as […]

Summer Pruning of Shrubs & Trees

landscape maintenance

In July we had the opportunity to attend a summer pruning workshop in Seattle coordinated by the UW Botanic Gardens as part of their professional horticulture education series.  Two of our maintenance leads, Phillip and Ray, were in attendance. This outdoor demonstration class was taught by professional horticulturists and arborists on staff for the Washington […]

Rain Garden Workshop

low impact development

Last week Colby attended a two-day Rain Garden Workshop for Green Industry and Building Professionals.  This WSU Extension Kitsap County event covered all aspects of rain gardens and introduced the ideas behind Low Impact Development (LID) and why it’s needed. As noted in the Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington: Rain gardens are important and versatile […]