4 Benefits of an Automatic Irrigation System

Seabeck irrigation

Many homeowners relish the idea of reducing the time it takes to maintain their landscape, and an automatic irrigation system can definitely help in this endeavor. One of the most time-consuming aspects of maintaining a healthy landscape is having to water it by hand. What starts out as a pleasurable outdoor task can quickly begin to feel […]

Irrigation Blowout

sprinkler blow-out

The leaves may have only begun to turn in color, yet frost is on its way and it’s time to schedule an irrigation blowout! While our winters are typically mild, we often experience cold weather conditions marked by below freezing temperatures. During periods of freezing weather, frost penetrates the soil and can wreak havoc on an […]

New Landscape Installation

landscape seabeck

This new landscape installation in Seabeck is one of the largest residential projects we’ve installed to date.  Our clients’ gorgeous custom home was constructed by BK Sargeant Construction, and from their kitchen table and back deck they enjoy a breathtaking view of the Olympic Mountains. Landscape Architect Emily Russell of Russell Design Source designed this landscape, providing […]

Irrigation System Installation

irrigation installation poulsbo

If you’re planning to install an irrigation system, this video shows you where to begin.  Colby explains why you should start with the water meter, what precautions to take, and why the double check valve is so important. Our irrigation services include new installations, repairs, audits and blow-outs. Subscribe to our newsletter for irrigation service […]

Winterize Your Irrigation

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It’s only October, but the blistering chill in the air makes it feel like December!  Before frost hits, we recommend blowing out your irrigation system to prevent damage to your PVC piping.  Because water expands when it freezes, pipes must somehow accommodate this expansion.  Typically what results are cracks, leaking, and the need for repair. […]

2 Ways to Activate Your Irrigation System

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It’s important to know the state of your irrigation system before you really need it.  We offer two services to ensure that your system is ready for hot, dry days: irrigation activation and an irrigation audit. Irrigation Activation Call us for this service, and we’ll come and turn your system on, fire off each zone to […]