Summer, Don’t Go!

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We’re loving every moment of this prolonged sunny weather, and not yet ready for summer’s departure.  Some of you may be, however, and so we’ve compiled a short list of tasks to keep your lawn happy throughout the fall season: Mowing – If you’ve kept your mowing blade at three or more inches throughout the […]

Snow, Blooms & Spring!

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It’s been a strange March, weather-wise.  Despite the recent snow flurries, heather is in bloom and spring is soon upon us. In the photo below is Jeff, our Maintenance Lead, who boasts over 15 years of experience in lawn and landscape maintenance.  In his time, he’s encountered plenty of overgrown shrubs, beds full of troublesome […]

Commercial Landscape Maintenance, Kitsap County WA

This photo isn’t terribly exciting, though it’s intended to illustrate one point.   Everyone reading this post has probably pulled into a parking lot just like this one at least a handful of times this past week.  Someone is responsible for keeping these lots clean and tidy so that you don’t have to look at garbage […]

That Time of Year

With spring comes more energy and more time spent outdoors. The proverbial “spring cleaning” shouldn’t be contained within the interior of our homes, as our landscapes deserve the same attention. Our front and back yards are where we spend much of our time during the spring and summer months, and if you don’t have year-round maintenance, chances are these […]

Landscape Rejuvenation, Rebark & Gravel Pathway

What a difference new bark can make.  This landscape was immediately rejuvenated!  For this residential property in McCormick Woods, gravel was also added to create an inexpensive pathway. — Thanks for reading our blog. Northwest Construction & Landscape, LLC is a Kitsap County landscaping company that offers landscaping, decorative concrete and lawn maintenance services to […]

Lawn & Landscape Spring Clean-Up

Of all the seasons, spring brings the greatest sense of anticipation. Rightfully so, considering the many snowstorms and windstorms we’ve had to endure throughout this winter. If you don’t have regularly scheduled maintenance for your property, chances are your landscape has seen better days! Now is a perfect time for a clean-up. We’ll remove all […]

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