Brown Spots in Lawn

new lawn no brown spots

Wondering what’s up with the brown spots in your lawn? Even if your lawn has irrigation, it’s common to see brown spots this time of year. They occur for a number of reasons. Here are some examples we’ve encountered at maintenance clients’ sites over these hot and dry summer months: An irrigation head is watering an area […]

Spring Forward!

lawn care poulsbo

This past winter’s weather was awful. In December, temperatures dropped below freezing before most of us had even started Christmas shopping. And then came February. 2017’s February will forever be known as THAT February. When we had to shut down for 5 WHOLE DAYS because of lasting snow and relentless rain.  Seeing a thick layer […]

Lawn Renovation in Silverdale

topdressing lawn with compost

In late June we completed a lawn renovation and landscape clean-up for clients in Silverdale. Mom and Dad both work full-time, and the whole family is active in community theatre. With little free time to spare, the lawn was neglected, shrubs had overgrown, weeds had taken over the beds, and the irrigation system needed repairs. […]

Moss Control Fertilizer

moss in lawn

Our first round of fertilizer is being applied to the lawns of our maintenance clients, and as we do every year, we’ll be applying a moss control fertilizer. This mix contains ferrous sulphate and is the easiest way to eliminate moss using a chemical application. Ferrous sulphate is a form of iron, so it’s an […]

Hints of Winter

fall clean-up

The trees are barely hanging on to their leaves thanks to our recent wild and windy weather!  Perennials have yellowed, ready to be cut back, while evergreens show off their steadfast and enduring beauty. All signs are pointing towards winter, yet there’s still work to be done to give your landscape the best possible start […]

Fall Fertilizing

lawn maintenance kitsap county

Over the last few weeks, we applied our end-of-summer round of fertilizer to our maintenance sites, a 21-7-14 mix. What does this formula mean?  These numbers signify the percentage of each major nutrient included in the mix, and is known as the N-P-K ratio.  N stands for Nitrogen, P for Phosphorus, and K for Potassium. Here’s […]

Our Landscape Recovery Process

lawn maintenance

When we begin landscape maintenance with a new client, more often than not, their lawn and/or landscape has seen better days.  Most homeowners have the best intentions of taking care of their investment, but life gets in the way!  Busy schedules can result in neglected lawns and garden beds, and within a few months, weeds […]

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