Waterfront Landscape Installation

kitsap county rain garden

Working on this waterfront landscape installation in Seabeck offered us a stunning view of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. The homeowners planned a massive renovation of their home and lot, tackling an extensive remodeling project and new landscape at the same time. If the view looks familiar, it’s the same mountainscape featured in this […]

Rain Garden Workshop

low impact development

Last week Colby attended a two-day Rain Garden Workshop for Green Industry and Building Professionals.  This WSU Extension Kitsap County event covered all aspects of rain gardens and introduced the ideas behind Low Impact Development (LID) and why it’s needed. As noted in the Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington: Rain gardens are important and versatile […]

Put Spring Rainfall to Use with a Rain Garden!

Kitsap County continues to grow in numbers and development.  More roads, parking lots, and sidewalks equate to less native forestry.  Plants and trees not only provide clean air for us to breathe, but their root systems naturally filter rainfall for future use as drinking water.  80% of residents rely on groundwater for consumption. Solid surfaces […]