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Kitsap County & Gig Harbor WA Lawn Aeration


Aeration, also known as core aeration, is a lawn care service that results in a healthier lawn by allowing proper circulation of air, water and nutrients to the soil.

The process involves using a mechanical aerator to remove small plugs of lawn, thatch and underlying soil. This relieves any compaction that has occurred from everyday activities such as foot traffic and kids or pets playing on the lawn. To complete the aeration process, we apply a topdressing of organic compost and then overseed to ensure that bare spots or thin areas fill in.

When soil is compacted, air is essentially squeezed out, robbing your lawn’s root system of necessary oxygen and water filtration. This can slow growth and cause thinner grass blades. Aeration is especially important for areas that are covered by shade because these areas tend to retain more water.

For optimal lawn health in the Pacific Northwest, aeration should be done on a regular basis. Benefits include:

• Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
• Improved fertilizer and water absorption
• Stronger turf grass roots
• Better soil structure
• Stronger tolerance to heat and drought
• Improved resiliency and cushioning

An added benefit to spring or fall aeration is that lawns become a permeable surface for rainwater to filter back into our groundwater supply.

View progress photos of a lawn renovation project that included aeration in Silverdale.