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It’s our goal to exceed your expectations of a concrete, lawn service and landscaping company. Whether your site is residential or commercial, if you value high quality experiences, then we’re the contractor for you.  


We want to know what’s important to you. Love to entertain? Want to attract pollinators? Do you need more privacy? We deliver aesthetically driven landscapes unique to each client’s lifestyle, preferences and taste. It begins by listening to your needs.


Maintaining your lawn and landscape’s well-kept appearance is time-consuming hard work, no matter the season. Our certified technicians will mow your lawn, trim your hedge, cut back your perennials and do much more, so that you don’t have to.


Our team of professionals takes pride in maintaining our commercial and HOA properties at a level that creates a positive impression to clients or homeowners. We understand that a well-groomed landscape is important to how you’re perceived by your community.


We offer a variety of finishes for your concrete patio, driveway, or walkway project, including broom finish, exposed aggregate, textured patterns, and decorative stamped concrete. Many options are available to color and customize your concrete.

Northwest Construction & Landscape, LLC is a concrete, lawn service, and landscaping company servicing Kitsap County and Gig Harbor. Voted ‘Best Landscape Company’ by the readers of WestSound Home & Garden magazine 7 years in a row.

Why work with different contractors when you can work with one that will meet all of your needs? Whether you’d like a custom landscape, a stamped concrete patio, lawn care or commercial landscaping services, our skilled team will deliver an exceptional product at an affordable price.

About Us

Belgard Paver Patio on Bainbridge

https://youtu.be/6kmheKwNZVk This video offers a glimpse into our process of constructing a paver patio for clients on Bainbridge Island. Below are photos of the finished product. --- Thanks for reading our blog.  Northwest Construction & Landscape, LLC is a...


Thank you for everything! We love to wake up every morning to our view which has now been transformed into a resort-like feel. Your expertise, professionalism and dedication to our project was a confirmation that we made the right choice to hire you and was definitely worth the wait!

— Jana H.

Brown Spots in Lawn

Wondering what's up with the brown spots in your lawn? Even if your lawn has irrigation, it’s common to see brown spots this time of year. They occur for a number of reasons. Here are some examples we’ve encountered at maintenance clients' sites over these hot and...

New Commercial Landscape Maintenance Sites in Poulsbo

We recently secured two more commercial landscape maintenance sites in Poulsbo. We’re thrilled to add them to our portfolio. Both locations are in a high visibility area and receive a lot of foot traffic throughout the day, so give us a honk if you happen to drive by!...

To Rake, or Not to Rake?

There's a great leaf debate happening. One side says that fallen leaves left alone become important habitat for butterflies, salamanders, earthworms and other creatures that are important to our ecosystem. The other side makes the case that matted leaves shade and...

Lawn Renovation in Silverdale

In late June we completed a lawn renovation and landscape clean-up for clients in Silverdale. Mom and Dad both work full-time, and the whole family is active in community theatre. With little free time to spare, the lawn was neglected, shrubs had overgrown, weeds had...

Tent Caterpillars

A few of our maintenance clients have contacted us regarding tent caterpillars in their trees that are now crawling up building structures. Yiiiikes! According to local horticulturist Darren Strenge, these are the options available to us and anyone else dealing with...

UW Pro Master Pruning Series

The ability to correctly prune shrubs and decorative trees at the right time of year is a landscape maintenance practice that distinguishes the skilled from the unskilled, the professional with a pair of hand pruners from the hack with a set of shears. The desire for...

LID Certification

Congratulations to Colby for completing Low Impact Development (LID) training and receiving this certificate from WSU! The WSU Extension Low Impact Development (LID) Certificate program is the first LID certificate program of its kind in Washington State. The...

World of Concrete 2015

World of Concrete is the concrete industry’s largest event which happens annually in Las Vegas. It brings together manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, innovators and experts to deliver a show unlike any other across the globe. Anyone who keeps up with us knows how...

Low Impact Development

Here in Kitsap County, we’ll hear a lot about Low Impact Development over the coming years due to new regulations that will affect construction, including residential construction projects. If you’re planning to build a new home, you’ll want to know what these...

Summer Pruning of Shrubs & Trees

In July we had the opportunity to attend a summer pruning workshop in Seattle coordinated by the UW Botanic Gardens as part of their professional horticulture education series.  Two of our maintenance leads, Phillip and Ray, were in attendance. This outdoor...

3 Go-To Garden Products

Spring is here, marking the beginning of gardening-friendly Pacific Northwest weather. In our April newsletter, we highlighted three of our favorite garden products to kick start your garden as we head into the growing season. Here, we’ll dive a little deeper to tell...

5 Tropical Plants for Zone 8

We declared on Facebook that this is the year we break out of our comfort zone and plant tropical plants. Over the weekend, we did something we had not done in years: we took a trip to the library. I returned home with George Little and David Lewis’ gem of a book A...

Inspired by… Windcliff

We made our first trip to Windcliff, Dan Hinkley's esteemed garden in Indianola, on a hot Saturday afternoon in early June. It was a Northwest Perennial Alliance Garden Open Day. If you missed it, do not worry. There are plenty of opportunities to visit Windcliff this...

4 Things We’ve Learned From Our 1st Vegetable Garden

We’re longtime landscapers and first-time veggie gardeners. Vegetable gardening is an undertaking that many want to try, but don’t know how to begin and become intimidated by the thought of it. Sure, we could have waited to start until we constructed raised beds for...

5 Plants for a Low Maintenance Landscape

A “low maintenance landscape” is one of the most common requests we receive from prospective landscaping clients. You’ve likely heard the term, though may wonder what exactly a low maintenance landscape is. Generally speaking, the goal is to reduce landscape...


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