We recently constructed an exposed aggregate concrete driveway along with a broomed finish sidewalk for a client who lives in the Dockside community on Kitsap Lake.

We tackled the exposed aggregate portion of this concrete project in two separate pours.  This allowed us the time to match up the cut lines in a controlled manner, and also do a meticulous job in revealing the decorative aggregate surface.

screeding concrete

The “mud” has been delivered and is being distributed throughout the area of the soon-to-be concrete driveway.

concrete cut lines

Cut lines are carefully placed to mitigate cracks from occurring.

exposed aggregate concrete driveway

The top part of the driveway has already been exposed. In the bottom half of the driveway, the decorative aggregate is embedded in the concrete, though awaits its exposure through washing and brushing the surface.

exposed aggregate concrete

After revealing the decorative aggregate, any residual surface mortar is washed away.

kitsap county concrete

Third and final pour for a broom finish sidewalk.

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