Concrete can be poured year-round as long as temperatures haven’t dipped below freezing. During the fall and winter months, we consult the weather report incessantly on the days leading up to a scheduled pour. Even if a rain-free day is predicted, this is Washington, and the weather can and often does change unexpectedly.

Exposed aggregate concrete is a safer bet than other finishes, because it doesn’t matter as much if it rains once we start the exposing process, as that process involves washing the poured concrete down with water.

So what exactly happens if the unexpected occurs? The photos below illustrate how we responded to rain during an exposed aggregate patio project in Poulsbo.

finishing concrete

Before the rain began.

fall weather concrete

Though this was an exposed aggregate project, timing is everything. Rain began during the setting process, which forced us to put up a rain canopy in order to prevent rain from doing damage.

concrete Poulsbo

Once the rain canopy was set up, the crew had to work fast to get the water off the setting concrete.

As a result of the weather, the concrete process took longer than anticipated. We stayed at the job site well into the evening, using halogen lights to keep the concrete lit as we finished it.

concrete contractor poulsbo wa

The finished exposed aggregate concrete patio.

Our guys did such a great job under pressure, we took them out to lunch the next day to show our appreciation for their hard work. If you’re looking for a contractor who gets the job done, rain or shine, give us a call!

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