One of our maintenance clients was having trouble with water leaking into his basement. We installed a curtain drain to intercept the water and move it away from his home.

Curtain drains are constructed by digging a trench – in this particular case, around our client’s home – lining it with fabric and installing perforated pipe to capture the water and direct it to another location.  The trench is then filled with drain rock.

The trench is lined with fabric and filled with gravel and a perforated pipe.

water problems basement

Our client had a natural slope in his landscape to help channel the water away from his home.

The trench was topped with drain rock.

If water is leaking into your basement, a curtain drain is an affordable solution to help keep it dry. Consult a professional company for this work. Water that is not properly dealt with can cause problems that are costly to repair.

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