This new landscape installation in Seabeck is one of the largest residential projects we’ve installed to date.  Our clients’ gorgeous custom home was constructed by BK Sargeant Construction, and from their kitchen table and back deck they enjoy a breathtaking view of the Olympic Mountains.

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Landscape Architect Emily Russell of Russell Design Source designed this landscape, providing a formal to-scale plan to our clients which we were able to easily reference and work from. Never one to impress her design ideas upon her clients, she listened to what they had to say about which features to include in their landscape plan and gave them exactly what they wanted.

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One of their main concerns was an area that remained saturated after heavy rains due to a natural slope in the landscape. Emily’s design solution was to incorporate a dry waterfall and river rock bed. Larger 2-man and 3-man sized rocks were placed throughout the beds and within the river rock bed as well. The dark, nutrient-rich garden mix topsoil you see below was delivered to us from Vern’s Organic Topsoil.

river rock bed

Vern’s Organic Topsoil was used for all raised garden beds and lawn areas. With approximately 13,000 square feet of lawn, installing an irrigation system was an absolute must. Another must for our clients was purchasing a new riding lawn mower!

seabeck landscapers

Emily’s plant selection took into account the many deers that inhabit neighboring wooded areas.  Though just because a plant is considered to be “deer resistant,” that doesn’t mean it won’t be eaten.  Deers will eat just about anything if they’re hungry enough.  The plant list included Whitebarked Himalayan Birch, Oakleaf Hydrangeas, Variegated Winter Daphne along with natives such as Oregon Grape Holly and Western Sword Fern.

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Grass began to grow within two weeks of hydroseed being sprayed, largely due to the endless amount of sunshine we received in late July.

seabeck landscaping

The value of working with a Landscape Architect cannot be overstated.  Our clients knew what the end result would look like, even before we arrived on day one.  We were able to provide our clients with a 6-week plan and time frame for completion, a deadline which we met thanks to our hot and dry summer.

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