Working on this waterfront landscape installation in Seabeck offered us a stunning view of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. The homeowners planned a massive renovation of their home and lot, tackling an extensive remodeling project and new landscape at the same time. If the view looks familiar, it’s the same mountainscape featured in this landscape installation we completed earlier this year.

Designed by the talented Emily Russell, ASLA, this project features a flagstone patio with a natural stone seating area, stone steps, raised beds, and a new lawn from hydroseed. Invasive species were removed, and native plants such as Oregon grape, salal, and beach strawberry groundcover were planted.

A key feature of this project is a rain garden which acts as a filter to mitigate stormwater runoff before it reaches the Puget Sound, thanks to Christy Christensen of C3 Habitat Corp. who provided her expertise and guidance.

Below are progress photos which document the approach we took to this waterfront landscape installation.

seabeck landscaping

All existing lawn and plant material were removed. It’s pretty amazing to see the transformation that occurs when all that is left is bare dirt.

Seabeck landscapers

Once we had a clean slate to work with, Vern’s Organic Topsoil was delivered and spread. In our opinion, Vern’s is the best topsoil in the area. It’s full of nutrients and is regularly tested to ensure that it meets the requirements for Grade A organic topsoil.

Kitsap County landscapers

Decorative placement rocks were installed in the large bed that conjoined the deck, along with rock steps. Sedum ‘Angelina’ was planted, along with woolly thyme and blue oat grass.

landscape patio

A flagstone patio was installed with decorative placement rocks that act as seating. Finding favorable rock material is a task that requires time and a good amount of patience. Sometimes the best rocks are at the bottom of the pile!

The rain garden was installed along the retaining wall on the right. Hydroseed was sprayed for a new lawn.

One month later, a lush new lawn had grown in thanks to Hoyt’s Hydroseeding.

seabeck landscapers

The homeowners were thrilled with both Emily Russell’s design and the outcome after installation. We very much enjoyed working on this waterfront landscape installation, a true collaboration between all involved.

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