We headed all the way out to Steilacoom for this front yard transformation.  The homeowners were a pleasure to work for, which made the added commute much more tolerable.  An added bonus was getting the opportunity to learn about and work with different vendors in that area.

The talented Emily Russell ASLA designed this lawnless landscape, creating an additional parking area along with pathways for the homeowners to easily move through their front yard space.  Her plan originally called for pavers, but with concrete being a much less costly alternative, the homeowners opted for London Cobblestone stamped concrete instead.

Take a look at the progression of this lawn-free landscaping project:

pierce county landscapers

Before shot

decorative concrete

Existing grass and an exposed aggregate concrete walkway and step were removed.


Topsoil and decorative rocks were installed for the creation of landscape beds, bordered with forms for concrete installation.


Plantings included Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ and Mexican Feather Grass. Ready for concrete!

pierce county landscapers

After shot. A total front yard landscape transformation!

Share your thoughts on this front yard transformation below in the comment section.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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