Our first round of fertilizer is being applied to the lawns of our maintenance clients, and as we do every year, we’ll be applying a moss control fertilizer. This mix contains ferrous sulphate and is the easiest way to eliminate moss using a chemical application.

Ferrous sulphate is a form of iron, so it’s an organic chemical compound that is less harmful to the environment than other synthetic herbicides. It also provides nutrients and is often used as a fertilizer to achieve the desired green lawn color, without encouraging a lot of growth.

After a few weeks, moss will turn black.

Moss turning black

Ideally, the next step would be to dethatch your lawn. The deadened moss comes up effortlessly with the use of a power rake, the equipment used when dethatching a lawn.

Over time, grass will grow in areas where moss once thrived. To speed up the process, bare or thin areas should be re-seeded. We recommend JB Sun and Shade grass seed which is formulated for our region. It’s important to keep the seed wet until germination is complete. Until the seed is well rooted, keep the soil moist at all times with light and frequent watering.

The presence of moss is an indicator that some changes are needed in your landscape. If tree limbs or shrubs are creating too much shade, consider cutting them back or removing them altogether. Lack of sunlight is the most common reason for moss. In Pacific NW landscapes, this is often accompanied by moisture, and mosses love persistently wet areas in which to inhabit.

Moss in lawn

Adding lime or ash to your lawn can help if your soil is acidic. Or, it may be the case that your soil is lacking in organic matter and could benefit from a topdressing of nutrient-rich compost.

Soil conditions will also be improved by regularly aerating your lawn to relieve soil compaction and to allow air to circulate around the grass roots.

Taking the time to care for your lawn early in the season will ensure a healthy lawn to enjoy on hot, summer days. That being said, if you don’t mind the moss in your lawn, you’ll have less lawn to mow.

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