Concrete Finishes

We offer three concrete finishes for patios, driveways and walkways: broom finish, exposed aggregate and stamped or decorative concrete. With all of the customization options available, such as staining your concrete to match your home’s trim, or opting for a stamp that resembles your chimney’s veneer, concrete’s popularity has grown over the years and it’s easy to why.

Broom finish – also referred to as brushed finish – is the most basic option of the three.  Since it’s the less labor intensive of the three finishes we offer, it’s also the least expensive.  Broom finish simply involves pulling a purpose-made broom over the surface of the fresh concrete, once the concrete has been levelled.  The resulting texture varies depending on the hardness or softness of the broom that’s used.  A hard or stiff broom results in a coarser texture, while a softer broom achieves a lighter texture.  The texture, in turn, determines what kind of traction the finish will give, an important factor we consider when constructing a concrete driveway.

concrete driveway kitsap county

Broom finish concrete by Northwest Construction & Landscape, LLC

Exposed aggregate concrete is a common finish for sidewalks, walkways and driveways.  The concrete mix used for this finish contains a specific amount and type of aggregate such as pea gravel.  After the concrete has initially set, the exposed aggregate surface is revealed through a process that involves washing away the surface of the concrete with brooms and a water hose.  Washing away the top layer of concrete exposes the internal aggregates of the concrete mix, hence the term “exposed aggregate.”  Though pea gravel is commonly used, a discerning consumer can select from other beautifully colored, river tumbled aggregates if he or she so desires.  The price of the project increases, though this decision is a worthwhile investment as concrete driveways and patios can last for over 20 years.

exposed aggregate driveway kitsap

Exposed aggregate concrete by Northwest Construction & Landscape, LLC

Stamped concrete, or decorative concrete, offers the most customization options in terms of pattern and color.  Stamped concrete replicates the patterns of materials such as flagstone, tile, brick and even wood.  Because of this, a stamped concrete patio or driveway can have an artistic appeal.  The size of the project determines how many finishers are needed to help texture or stamp the concrete.  This is done by laying mats with the chosen pattern in an orderly and timely fashion, and tamping the mats as they are placed so that the concrete is imprinted with the pattern.  Careful consideration is given to the placing of mats so that the pattern remains consistent to the eye.  For a dynamic look, borders can be included in the design, while color can either be added to the concrete mix or applied after the concrete has been finished.

stamped concrete kitsap

Ashlar slate concrete by Northwest Construction & Landscape, LLC

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