This Poulsbo concrete driveway and water feature project was a collaboration between us and our client, Margaret, whose serene property in the Lofall area overlooks the Puget Sound and features a naturally-occurring stream, edible garden, flagstone patio sitting area, Japanese maple trees grown by her son, and retired racing pigeons. How’s that for interestingness?

tearing out old concrete

Before shot

After meeting with two other contractors, she chose to go with us because we specialize in both landscaping and concrete, and the combination was exactly what she needed to execute her plan.

In addition to ripping out the old and unsightly existing concrete driveway, there was a crooked concrete step connecting her porch to her front entry walkway that needed to be replaced. The materials she considered instead of concrete at the start of the project included flagstone and tile.

entry steps

Margaret and Colby discuss material options for the step. A concrete overlay was the chosen solution.

For practical purposes, she wanted an exposed aggregate finish for the driveway, but the driveway was just one part of the concrete installation. It conjoined the entry walkway that linked the driveway to her back patio. Margaret knew she wanted a contrasting, yet complimentary, finish to the exposed aggregate, yet had concerns about long-term maintenance and her close proximity to salty, marine air.

concrete walkway

The concrete step overlay was completed after the concrete walkway was poured and finished.

The consideration she put forth into selecting the right complimentary finish, texture and color is exactly the kind of involvement we appreciate from our clients. Concrete is longlasting when properly installed, and homeowners use their driveway on a daily basis. The importance of getting these aesthetic considerations just right cannot be overstated.

poulsbo concrete driveway

The concrete driveway was sealed with an industrial grade sealant to protect it from stains and marine air.

Roman Slate texture was selected for the borders of the exposed aggregate concrete driveway and walkway. Going this route—exposed aggregate for the body of the concrete with decorative borders at the outer edge—is a smart option because exposed aggregate is less costly than stamped or textured concrete, and the end result still features decorative customization.

poulsbo concrete driveway

Interesting sidenote: the shed-like structure in the back houses the retired racing pigeons.

Silversmoke was the color selected for integral coloring of all of the textured concrete, which was enhanced by powder antique release. For added contrast, liquid antique release was used as well.

stamped concrete walkway

This Roman Slate textured walkway connects the driveway to the back patio.

Early on, before some of these decisions had been made, Margaret decided that this was the perfect time to also install another water feature in her landscape. The naturally-occurring stream runs parallel with her home and the soothing sound of it is heard throughout the landscape. This new water feature has a different look, feel and sound altogether.

poulsbo concrete driveway and water feature

The splash and sound of this water feature was well considered prior to its construction.

The finished 3-column water feature is somewhat deceptive. Once erect and set in place, the grouping of the basalt columns is quite elegant. Moving them, however, is not! Particularly with an existing landscape that’s mature, with flagstone nearby already set in place. That being said, Colby and Elias enjoyed the process of constructing this water feature as it was our first one of this kind.

poulsbo landscaper

Margaret’s keen sense of plant design beautifully complements all of her hardscape features.

This concrete driveway and water feature project in Poulsbo was a rewarding experience for us because we had the opportunity to work with a landscape that has a lot of soul (yes, this can be felt), is still a work-in-progress (Margaret is already planning the next phase), and is a beautiful reflection of its owner.

Here’s what she had to say about us:

poulsbo landscaping contractor testimonial

Thank you, Margaret!

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