In late June we completed a lawn renovation and landscape clean-up for clients in Silverdale. Mom and Dad both work full-time, and the whole family is active in community theatre. With little free time to spare, the lawn was neglected, shrubs had overgrown, weeds had taken over the beds, and the irrigation system needed repairs.

topdressing lawn with compost

The lawn had already been aerated and de-thatched when this photo was taken. Juan spread a topdressing of compost while Josh applied grass seed.

After the clean-up was complete, our first course of action to renovate the lawn was to aerate. Aeration, also known as core aeration, is the process of pulling up small plugs of underlying soil that had compacted over time. This creates a healthier root system because it allows proper circulation of air, water and nutrients to the soil below. Aerating results in better water and fertilizer absorption, key to a healthy lawn.

new lawn growing in from seed

This photo of the front yard lawn was taken only 3 weeks later.

After aerating, the next step taken was to de-thatch the lawn. Thatch is a dense layer of dead grass and other organic material that accumulates over time and does not decompose. It sits atop the soil surface, smothering the grass, causing shallow roots and inhibiting growth. De-thatching, or thatching, with a power rake removes this dead layer of thatch between the grass base and native soil, and encourages lawn to spread by allowing for a better exchange of air, water and nutrients.

topdressing and overseeding lawn

The back yard lawn took longer to fill in due to less sunlight. This photo was taken 3 weeks after aeration, de-thatching, topdressing with compost, and overseeding.

The lawn was now ready for a topdressing of organic compost, which we get from Vern’s Organic Topsoil. Topdressing is the practice of spreading a thin layer of compost over the lawn. Since we had already aerated and de-thatched, the compost was able to easily penetrate below the superficial layer and reach the native soil below. This is an important step in lawn renovation. Topdressing with compost enhances the quality of the soil by adding nutrients and improving soil structure.

new lawn from grass seed

This photo of the back yard lawn was taken approximately 8 weeks after aeration, de-thatching, topdressing with compost and overseeding.

One of the final steps of this lawn renovation was to spread grass seed atop the compost, also known as overseeding. We use a grass mixture that is formulated specifically for the Pacific Northwest and a spreader to apply it evenly. Overseeding reinvigorates a lawn by encouraging thick lawn growth. Bare or thin spots should always be overseeded to discourage weed growth.

lawn renovation in silverdale

This photo of the front yard lawn was taken approximately 8 weeks after aeration, de-thatching, topdressing with compost and overseeding.

With the help of a repaired irrigation system, the seed received sufficient water throughout the germination process, despite long stretches of 80-degree weather. Grass seed needs to be moist in order to germinate and grow, though you don’t want to drown seed in water. The photo above shows what the restored lawn looked like in August.

After this summer’s record high temperatures and drought, your lawn could likely benefit from lawn renovation services. Give us a call at 360-697-3215 or 253-530-0788 for a free quote!

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