Many homeowners relish the idea of reducing the time it takes to maintain their landscape, and an automatic irrigation system can definitely help in this endeavor. One of the most time-consuming aspects of maintaining a healthy landscape is having to water it by hand. What starts out as a pleasurable outdoor task can quickly begin to feel like a dreaded chore, especially if you have stretches of lawn or a lot of garden beds.

Watering your landscape can be done manually with simple tools – a hose and nozzle – or, it can be accomplished with an automatic irrigation system which requires little to no effort at all from the homeowner. In this blog post, we highlight four benefits of an automatic irrigation system.


Seabeck irrigation

A new irrigation system was a necessary component of this Seabeck landscape installation, which included over 13,000 square feet of lawn.

1. Water according to your preference

Installing an automatic irrigation system can be monumental for homeowners who no longer want to spend time hovering over their lawn or garden beds with hose in hand. These systems are installed in the ground and are connected to a timer box that is clock-driven. Irrigation timers allow homeowners to schedule their watering to accommodate their preferences and landscape needs. Homeowners have the ability to choose what time of the day their system starts, how long it runs for, and how frequent it turns on. These customizable options help to make this task easier to manage.

2. Water “smartly” with a smart timer

For those who want to eliminate the guessing game of when and how long to water, smart timers will do the work for you. A smart timer connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and calculates a daily watering schedule based on your particular soil, grass type, sprinkler head type, sun exposure and local weather forecast. So, on hot days it will adjust to produce more water and on rainy days it will not water at all. Over time, this daily calibration saves on water costs because it will only produce water when needed. An added bonus: homeowners have the ability to control their systems anytime and from anywhere in the world using a computer, tablet or smart phone. Brilliant!

3. Reduce hassle and waste

Are you tired of moving and adjusting your manual rotating sprinkler from one side of the yard to another? Many homeowners understand the struggle of trying to adjust manual sprinklers, targeting just the right spot, only to wind up frustrated and defeated as water ultimately hits wherever it may land. When you choose to go with an automatic irrigation system, your irrigation technician will plan your layout for optimal coverage and make necessary head adjustments once the system is installed. This results in effective watering, saving time, money and unnecessary frustration!

4. Add value

Another benefit of installing an automatic irrigation system is that it helps homeowners who plan to sell their home by adding value to their property. A landscape that is easy to maintain and convenient to water are attractive features to home buyers. For homeowners who aren’t planning to move anytime soon, the curb appeal of a good-looking landscape is a beneficial investment. It shows that you take pride in your home and creates a positive impression to neighbors and guests. 

If you are considering installing an automatic irrigation system, we’d love to talk to you about your project. Give us a call or send us an email at info@northwestcl.com and we can schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of our irrigation professionals!

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