Decorative concrete is a popular choice among homeowners who want to add a functional yet aesthetic element to their landscaping. Concrete is versatile, durable and affordable in comparison to pavers or flagstone.

We offer our clients an array of stamped textures and patterns that resemble the look of natural materials. When homeowners choose to “dress up” their concrete, stamped decorative concrete offers an unlimited amount of customizing options to create a final product that is truly unique.

A few months ago in Kingston, we wrapped up a full service landscape design and installation project that included decorative concrete.  Our client chose a stamped pattern called ‘Arizona flagstone.’ Despite the risk of cracking, decorative concrete is an attractive alternative to natural flagstone because of its long-term durability and savings in cost.

Concrete before stamping process

Forms have been placed, concrete has been poured and is ready for the stamping process to begin.

This decorative concrete patio, pathway and step connects the gravel driveway with various parts of our client’s property. Whether he needs access to his shed or staircase leading to the top floor of his home, the concrete provides easy access.

Decorative concrete after stamping process

This is what the concrete looks like after stamping has occurred.

The Arizona flagstone stamp offers the look of flagstone with varying sizes and shapes, and also the texture. There are high and low points with stamped concrete.

Decorative concrete after staining

The staining process, or post-coloring process, is complete

Antique coloring (the darker color in the photo above) adds depth and contrast to the appearance of the concrete by settling into the low points.

Concrete accent color in Kingston

The accent color selected is the lighter beige color you see here.

To further customize his concrete, our client opted to add an accent color to some of the “stones.”

Decorative concrete in Kingston

Concrete after the sealant was applied

A few weeks after the concrete was poured and finished, we applied a sealant. The sealant enhances the color and protects the concrete from surface damage, corrosion and staining, which will improve its overall performance and appearance.

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