Every person, every place, every business has a story. We haven’t yet shared our story in writing, in part because it’s still unfolding. As we approach the ten-year mark of our doors being open for business, it’s time for us to look back, look inward, and do the work of crafting our story.

Colby & Meeshka Brand in the Kitsap Sun

We started this company in October of 2009, when the recession was in full swing. We didn’t know it at the time, but hindsight has shown us that it was a brilliant time to start a business. Colby recently had the opportunity to talk with the Kitsap Sun about the challenges and lessons learned from this endeavor.

His video interview is featured in the online version of this article.

We’re incredibly honored that Colby had the opportunity to contribute to this timely conversation. This experience is the motivation we needed to think about our story and just how important it is to where we’re headed. All good stuff.

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