It’s only February, but we’re already longing for afternoons spent lounging outside on an outdoor seating area, book in hand.

If you’re dreaming of the perfect outdoor space and this is the year to make it happen, this project will help you visualize. Temperatures may be frigid outside, but it’s never too early to begin planning.

Before we could add any materials, we had to first remove some of the existing soil.

For the do-it-yourself crowd, here’s how an outdoor seating area with pavers is done:

1.  First consider, do you want the top of the material surface to be level with the ground? Take inventory of the dimensions of your pavers and any base materials.  You will likely need to dig and remove some of the original dirt.

2. Once your sub-grade is level, install a compacted layer of 3/8 minus gravel to mitigate settling, and to keep the material installed on top of it level. We recommend using a machine compactor to do this. Install at least a 2″ compacted base. This needs to be very level.

Consider that a slight slope may be needed so that water can drain properly (2% or 1% is recommended). Wherever your slope is directed, keep in mind that’s where water will collect. Preparing for rainfall is an absolute must here in the Pacific Northwest.

3. Apply a 2″ layer of sand on top of gravel.

4. Then lay pavers.

5. After pavers are laid, apply sand into the joints (the spaces between pavers), and broom the sand until all of it has fallen into the joints.

6. Now, lay a plywood sheet atop the pavers to secure the pavers and sand more firmly into place without breaking your paver material. This important step will help to mitigate them moving or shifting out of place. We use a 4×8 sheet of plywood for this along with a compactor. You’re almost done!

7. Sweep any excess sand.

What furniture would you select for this outdoor seating area?

Once you’re finished, all that’s needed is a warm, sunny day, a good book and a glass of strawberry lemonade.

Keep in mind that paver choices are plentiful. Take a look at your home and existing landscape for cues on what pavers to select. To see what’s readily available in Kitsap County, visit Morrison Gravel in Port Orchard.

If all of this sounds like more work than you have the time or energy for, give us a call or email us at info@northwestcl.com. We’d love the opportunity to help you plan and budget for your outdoor seating area.

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