Being a landscaping company in Kitsap County – where COVID cases are relatively low – it’s fairly easy to work safely.

Of course, there are guidelines put forth by the Governor’s office specifically defining what it means to work safely. Colby and I are rule followers when it comes to business. And we believe in doing what’s best for the greater good of our community.

Since our clients include senior living centers and medical offices, it’s incredibly important that we do all the things we can to keep our employees safe and our clients safe.

Our employees wear gloves when operating shared equipment.

This means that tracking down Clorox wipes, nitrile gloves and other PPE has become my part-time job. If you’re tasked with this responsibility in your household or business, then you know these highly coveted items are not widely available like they once were. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to go to three different places in order to procure necessary supplies.

But we manage to stay stocked, sanitized and gloved. We now have weekly health policy meetings so that all employees know what practices they must follow.

Employees are required to:

  1. Show up for work wearing a mask or face covering
  2. Wear a mask or face covering all day
  3. Use hand sanitizer before touching company property
  4. Keep hand sanitizer on them throughout the day and use hand wipes and hand sanitizer every time they return to their vehicle
  5. Wear gloves when operating shared equipment
  6. Wear a mask and gloves when getting gas or taking lunch at gas stations or going inside of stores
  7. Stay 6-ft away from one another, and all people throughout the day, including and especially clients
  8. Wipe down or spray inside of truck and all shared equipment at the end of the day
  9. Contact me immediately if they or any household member is sick

We provide hand wipes, masks and cloth facial coverings, gloves, and hand sanitizer to all employees. “Staying safe” has always been an important part of our company culture, but now these words have new meaning in light of COVID-19.

Our employees wear face coverings on every job site.

Despite the strangeness of interacting while wearing a mask, we’ll continue these practices as long as we need to during this unprecedented time.

And we very much look forward to once again living in a world where we can knock on clients’ doors and see when a smile breaks out on someone’s face.

Take good care,