We wrapped up this landscaping project in the nick of time.

On the very day we closed for our holiday break, we completed our final tasks on this landscape designed by Landscape Designer and CPH, Megan Pulkkinen.

front entry landscaping

Javier fills the joints of the flagstone patio with sand.

We defined the edges between the beds and gravel pathways. We buried lighting wire and fluffed the mulch. And we cleaned up after ourselves, pressure washing hard surfaces which were caked with dirt from working in rainy, fall weather.

Truthfully, this landscaping project took longer than we anticipated.

November’s predictable rain and accompanying mud were definitely a factor. But also, this was a project of firsts.

It was our first time working with this particular patterned wall material manufactured by Allan Block, which required cutting almost every single individual piece of block as we stacked them.

constructing a retaining wall

Allan Block Europa in Rocky Mountain, consisting of five different blocks.

With retaining walls constructed of only one style of block, you simply stack the same sized block again and again until the wall is done. It’s a straightforward process.

In contrast, patterned walls are constructed of blocks of multiple sizes and shapes. The pattern must be followed and repeated with accuracy and attention.

Another first for us was installing this patterned paver patio with materials manufactured by Belgard, Catalina Grana pavers in Victorian.

Catalina Grana paver patio

Our clients step onto this paver patio from their front door.

As with the retaining wall, this paver patio consisted of three pavers with different shapes and sizes.

Once the pattern was established, it was followed with precision until completion. It’s no wonder that these patios take more time to construct than patios constructed of larger pavers that are all the same size.

In keeping with the theme, it was also our first time working with the Castohn line that manufactures the concrete steps you see here. Yes, concrete.

Castohn steps leading to entry way door

Rosetta Dimensional Steps from the Castohn line of products

These steps offer the look and feel of natural stone, without the massive irregularities in size and shape.

What you can’t know from looking at this photo is that we tore these steps down twice, in nonstop rain.

Colby wasn’t satisfied with the outcome of our first two attempts.

Excellent craftsmanship requires attention to detail. But it also requires the ability to work through challenging math to ensure equal spacing between the steps, which are all slightly sloped to drain water, and vary ever so slightly in height. Also, the steps had to line up with the tops of each wall.

Our third and final attempt was a success.

The best thing about a project of firsts is that we learn a lot in a short amount of time. And we take what we learn into future projects, with an expanded range of knowledge and experience.

Planting will be done later, by Megan and our shared clients, and we can’t wait to see this landscape filled with evergreen trees and shrubs.

front entry landscape kitsap

This project also featured concrete walkways, a flagstone patio, decorative basalt boulders and landscape lighting.

Our clients were very happy with the outcome of this landscaping project. You can read their testimonial on Houzz:

What’s your favorite retaining wall or paver materials? Let us know in the comment section below.

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