Beanie and glove season is here, and some of you are very eager for your irrigation winterization (blow-out) to be done.

For irrigation pipes and components to be damaged from freezing temperatures, water has to be left in the system to expand, but perhaps more importantly, the ground has to be frozen in order for this to occur.


Yes, at night we’ve had below freezing temperatures for about a week or so, but during the day, temperatures have jumped back up to the mid-high 40s. And this week, temperatures jump back up to the low 50s during the day.

We need to see temperatures below freezing at night *and* during the day, for multiple days, for the ground to freeze. Colby only gets concerned for clients who choose not to have their system blown out when temperatures are below 30s for multiple days in a row, and typically we don’t see that until January.

The reason we haven’t done blow-outs yet is because we know we’re not yet at risk for damage and we’re prioritizing our work right now due to the labor shortage we’re experiencing.

If this doesn’t work for you, please feel free to find another service provider and just let us know. 

We plan to do blow-outs in early December.

Looking at temperatures, it warms back up again after this week. 

We are always watching temperatures and we would never put our own convenience ahead of doing what’s right for our clients. 

Thanks for your business!