Commercial Landscaping

Commercial and HOA Grounds Maintenance

Kitsap County WA Commercial Landscaping and Lawn Care

Our team of professionals take pride in maintaining our commercial properties and HOAs at a level that creates a positive impression to clients, consumers, renters or homeowners. We understand that a healthy, well-groomed lawn and landscape is essential to how you are perceived by your community.


We show up in uniform in a company branded truck, and operate state-of-the-art, commercial equipment. All crew members are trained to provide high quality service with a professional and courteous approach to the work that they do. On-going training and education is important to us. We require maintenance team members to demonstrate proficiency in the field and through testing and certification. Our crew leads regularly attend pruning seminars taught by PlantAmnesty to grow their horticultural knowledge.


We offer 12-month programs to keep your property looking its best all year long. We offer Full Service Grounds Maintenance, Lawn Only and Bed Only programs, visiting weekly or every other week during the growing season, and less frequently during the winter months.

Mowing, Line Trimming & Edging – Fertilization – Weed Control (organic available) – Parking Lot Blowing & Debris Clean-Up – Herbicide Applications (organic available) – Pruning, Hedging & Shaping – Irrigation Repair & Maintenance – Bark Installation – Pressure Washing – Winter Leaf Removal – Winter Storm Clean-Up – Seasonal Annual Flower Installation

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Irrigation Maintenance & Repair

our irrigation technicians can perform common repair and trouble-shooting

Annual repair work is not uncommon, particularly if a system is older. Even newer systems are susceptible to freeze damage and vandalism. Our qualified irrigation technicians can perform common repair work such as replacing damaged heads, fixing clogged nozzles, leaking valves or pipes, and more.

The best way to avoid the need for the most common irrigation repair, sprinkler head replacement, is to prevent it from occurring in the first place by proper installation practices. Installing sprinkler heads so they’re flush with ground level helps to prevent heads from becoming damaged from the mower or line trimmer. We can audit older irrigation systems to identify modifications that can help to mitigate avoidable damage, and ensure effective distribution of water.

Irrigation Turn-On and Winterization are two services we recommend on an annual basis. When we turn systems on, we run each zone to ensure that each irrigated area of your landscape will be properly watered. We also review the timer (or controller) settings. The need for repairs, if any, are documented and an estimate is sent to our client. In late fall, we winterize irrigation systems by blowing water out of the pipes and system components, to prevent water from freezing and cracking.

Seasonal Annual Flower Installation

draw attention with flowers, color and exuberance

Brightly colored annuals planted at your entrance or near your sign help to increase positive perception of your apartment or retail complex. Annuals are fast-growers, which means their color becomes more exuberant as the season progresses, drawing even more attention to your property.

Annuals are often more colorful than perennial plants, and can continue to bloom if regularly deadheaded and consistently watered. If your landscape is newer, planting annual flowers can help garden beds to appear more full and mature.

When planting annual flowers, we amend the existing soil with compost and soak each plant’s root system in a transplanting mixture of vitamins and fertilizer.

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We use Northwest Construction and Landscape for 2 properties I manage in Gig Harbor, WA. Their entire staff from the owners to the office to the lawn techs are so awesome to work with. They know their stuff and will take the time to educate their clients. So courteous and respectful of my tenants as they work as well, an all around great company to work with!

— Maddy W.


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